Do your dishcloths spark joy?

Dishcloths spark joy

In the best selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo encourages the reader to only keep items in their home that spark joy. We were tickled when a customer who received a sample of our dishcloth contacted us to order more for that exact reason. She also expressed considerable surprise that it was possible for a dish cloth to spark joy!

But that is exactly how we feel about this dishcloth – and everything we carry, really. These dishcloths work better and stay fresher than any we have used, which actually does bring a bit of joy to cleaning up.

Here are some of the qualities that we love most about these cloths:

  • A pleasure to use: The fabric feels wonderfully soft and fluff
  • They don’t get smelly: It would be really rare that you pick up on of our dishcloths and get that dank mildewy smell. The double weave allows great air flow that keeps them fresh.
  • Better for the environment: It’s easy to use less disposable cleaning products with these around because they work so well. Whether cleaning spills, wiping counters, cleaning dishes, dusting, or mopping floors (one customer uses them in place of disposable floor dusters)
  • Inexpensive and low maintenance: Just throw in the washer & dryer
  • And we love that these are Made in the USA!

Click here for our joy filled dishcloths.



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