Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017


Minnie and Moon 2017 Mothers Day Retail

Looking for a unique, functional, and beautiful gift for Mother’s Day? Here are some of our top picks for the gardener, cook, or creative soul on your list:

Herb Dryer – British made dryer for compactly drying seeds, herbs, and chilies. Salvaged rubber wood and unbleached cotton.

String on a Stand – Beautiful wood twine stand with built in blade and 500 feet of gorgeous green jute twine. Made in England.

Denim Apron – Made in England for professional chefs, a sturdy, elegant, and beautifully functional apron for kitchen, garden, and more.

Garden Gift Set – Includes three of our most popular British garden gifts: Paper Potter seed pot maker, planting dibber, and re-usable wood plant labels. All made from FSC certified woods.

Luxury Spa Gift Set – One of our hand-woven Turkish bath/beach towels, plus a USA made nail brush and beeswax & essential oil candle.

Gobble All Tote – Great for beach, camping, laundry, gardening, and so much more.

Blackbird Statue – Add a whimsical touch to a patio, windowsill, or garden. Sturdy British made garden statue can be used indoor or out.

Trug – Perfect for harvesting fruits and veggies in the garden, or beautifully displaying them on the kitchen counter. Hand made in the USA

Dibber – A perfect little British planting tool for bulbs and seeds!

Pimm’s Cocktail


A lovely light cocktail for an Easter brunch or spring gathering, Pimm’s is a British liqueur made from gin, vermouth, and spices. It is traditionally mixed with cucumber, strawberries, mint, orange slices, and lemon lime soda for a refreshing cocktail on a warm day. I first encountered Pimm’s at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, where you can walk through the grounds  touring beautiful garden displays, with Pimm’s sold by the pitcher to be enjoyed as you stroll through the beautiful exhibits.

The Perfect Pimm’s Cocktail:

  • Highball Glass
  • 1/3 Cup Pimm’s No. 1
  • 2/3 Cup Lemon Lime Soda
  • Mix with sliced oranges, strawberries, cucumber, & fresh mint

Serve over ice.

That’s a Towel?

That’s a towel? We get that question a lot at shows. Our Turkish towels are so soft and beautiful that people assume they are a scarf or a blanket. While these towels are tremendously absorbent and the most luxurious towels you’ll find, they can certainly be used as a scarf or blanket…or cover-up, sarong, yoga mat, etc. And the towels are extra large, but fold down compactly, making them ideal for packing in your suitcase to use however you need it when traveling. Known as peshtemal, these traditional towels have been made in Turkey for hundreds of years, it’s the exceptional mix of Turkish cotton and natural bamboo that elevate these to a whole new level of luxury, and that each of our towels is still loomed by hand.

Here are a few favorite photos where we are using our towels as a scarf:

Do your dishcloths spark joy?

Dishcloths spark joy

In the best selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo encourages the reader to only keep items in their home that spark joy. We were tickled when a customer who received a sample of our dishcloth contacted us to order more for that exact reason. She also expressed considerable surprise that it was possible for a dish cloth to spark joy!

But that is exactly how we feel about this dishcloth – and everything we carry, really. These dishcloths work better and stay fresher than any we have used, which actually does bring a bit of joy to cleaning up.

Here are some of the qualities that we love most about these cloths:

  • A pleasure to use: The fabric feels wonderfully soft and fluff
  • They don’t get smelly: It would be really rare that you pick up on of our dishcloths and get that dank mildewy smell. The double weave allows great air flow that keeps them fresh.
  • Better for the environment: It’s easy to use less disposable cleaning products with these around because they work so well. Whether cleaning spills, wiping counters, cleaning dishes, dusting, or mopping floors (one customer uses them in place of disposable floor dusters)
  • Inexpensive and low maintenance: Just throw in the washer & dryer
  • And we love that these are Made in the USA!

Click here for our joy filled dishcloths.


Reducing Food Waste: Eggs

We’ve been reading lots of disturbing things about the amount of food wasted in the U.S. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can work to reduce food waste in your home.

Egg Freshness

Our tip of the day is for eggs. As with many other products, the expiration dates on eggs are not a good reflection of whether they are still fresh and edible. A quick tip for checking your eggs, is to gently place them in a bowl or glass filled with water – if it rests at the bottom on its side they are fresh. If the egg rests upright from one end it is still  safe to eat. If the egg floats completely then it may be time to consider whether it should be eaten. You can learn more about this test, and others here:


Spring in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia region is well known and loved for incredible gardens, and if you simply walk through a tree lined neighborhood or park this time of year it is easy to see why. The show of blooms is truly spectacular. This morning I took a walk through the Grange Estate, the site of an old mansion and garden, which is now open to the public to enjoy. Now you can enjoy a bit of spring in Philadelphia too: